55211 Microwall Gigabit


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  • 2x Ethernet 100/1000BaseT
    • Autosensing and Auto-MDIX
  • High data throughput
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • max. 900 mbps in router mode, max. 300 mbps VPN
    • Low latency times thanks to powerful hardware platform


  • Mode: Standard router
    • Integration into the routing concept of the intranet
    • Static NAT can be used for 1:1 mapping of intranet IPs on island hosts.
  • Mode: NAT router
    • Integration of the islands via a single Intranet IP
  • WireGuard VPN Server
    • Secure VPN connection to the island for Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, IOS clients, Microwalls
    • Access control of VPN clients using dedicated firewall
  • WireGuard VPN client
    • VPN connection to your manufacture/service network
  • Wire Guard VPN Box-to-Box
    • VPN tunnel between two Microwalls
    • Secure connection of island networks using the intra/internet

Management & Security:

  • Secure firmware concept with Secure Boot
    • No uploading of manipulated firmware or third-party firmware
  • Configuration via HTTPS-Only Mode
    • Supports individual certificates
    • Fast startup using WuTility or DHCP
    • Required password without default login
  • Port management for all local services
    • All service/management services can be configured/deactivated
  • Consistent whitelist-based firewall concept
    • Filter rules based on IPv4 addresses and TCP/UDP port numbers
    • Dedicated firewall for incoming VPN connections
  • Logging
    • Identification of undesired communication attempts
  • Network management systems
    • Optional support for SNMPv2c/3 (read)

Supply Voltage

  • External power
    • Screw terminals, 24V-48V DC
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

Standards & more

  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance for industrial environments
    • Low noise emission for residential and business areas
  • 5 year guarantee

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Do wyboru 24V albo PoE

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